Hologic Partners with Nonprofit for ‘Know Your Lemons’ Breast Cancer Education Drive

Hologic Partners with Nonprofit for 'Know Your Lemons' Breast Cancer Education Drive

In observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Hologic is intensifying its efforts to promote breast health. The Massachusetts-based company, known for its contributions to breast cancer detection through imaging equipment, reported a robust $360.3 million in sales from its breast health business in the most recent quarter. In a bid to encourage self-checks for symptoms and regular mammogram screenings, Hologic has joined forces with the nonprofit organization Know Your Lemons.

“We’ve admired them for a while. It’s a nonprofit that we’ve really admired for its work providing women with dynamic, fun and really inclusive resources to help them better understand breast health and breast cancer risk factors.”

– Erik Anderson, president of breast and skeletal solutions at Hologic

Know Your Lemons has created imagery for the partners’ joint #KnowBreastCancer campaign.

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As part of their joint #KnowBreastCancer campaign, Know Your Lemons has produced visual content, prominently featuring a carton of 12 lemons on their website, each representing a distinct breast cancer symptom. The creative visuals include a lemon with a cut revealing a pip, symbolizing the characteristic hard lumps associated with breast cancer, and another lemon displaying a dent to illustrate breast dimples as a potential sign of the disease. Know Your Lemons has also developed a mobile app offering a comprehensive guide to self-examination, a risk assessment tool, symptom information, and more. The app maintains an irreverent tone, with an amusing portrayal of the Mona Lisa guiding users through self-examination.

In collaboration with Know Your Lemons, Hologic is unveiling “lemon-centric artwork” to drive engagement with the app. The campaign will utilize Hologic’s social media platforms, healthcare provider offices, and various other channels to disseminate this crucial information.

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This partnership with Know Your Lemons forms a part of Hologic’s broader initiative coinciding with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Hologic, a consistent advocate for breast health awareness, commenced the month by ringing the Nasdaq bell, a tradition it has upheld for the past 17 years. Martina Navratilova, the tennis legend and two-time breast cancer survivor, was among those present at the bell-ringing ceremony for the second consecutive year.

Additionally, Hologic recently added Kelee Ringo, an American football cornerback for the Philadelphia Eagles, and his mother Tralee Hale to its roster of partners. Leveraging celebrity involvement, particularly individuals with a personal connection to breast cancer like Tralee Hale, aligns with Hologic’s ongoing efforts to emphasize the significance of regular mammogram screenings and breast health awareness.

“There’s only so much we could ever do as Hologic. Over the years, we’ve worked with people like Sheryl Crow, people like Martina Navratilova, people like Mary J Blige. It really helps amplify the message and they find tremendous meaning in it as well, to use their platform, to use their celebrity to reach more women.”

– Erik Anderson, president of breast and skeletal solutions at Hologic

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