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Alexion Gains Voyager's Preclinical Capsid in $1B Pfizer Handoff

Alexion Acquires Voyager’s Preclinical Capsid for Rare Neurological Disease After $1B Pfizer Transfer

Anika Sharma

Pfizer has transferred an AAV capsid designed for a rare neurological disease target to AstraZeneca’s rare disease subsidiary, Alexion, as ...

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Shifts Strategy After Suspending Phase 2 Lung Therapy

Vertex Halts Phase 2 Lung Therapy, Reevaluates DMD Drug’s Clinical Path

Anika Sharma

Vertex Pharmaceuticals anticipates a “milestone-rich period” ahead, but there are updates regarding two of its candidates. The biotech has decided ...

Ventyx Halts TYK2 Inhibitor Following Phase 2 Success

Ventyx Halts TYK2 Inhibitor Despite Phase 2 Success, Stock Plummets 70%

Anika Sharma

Ventyx Biosciences discovered that even a seemingly successful clinical trial may not be enough to support a drug’s advancement, as ...

Johnson & Johnson's Ottava Surgical Robot Set for U.S. Clinical Trials

J&J MedTech Plans US Clinical Trials for Ottava Surgical Robot in Late 2024

Anika Sharma

Johnson & Johnson MedTech has set a new timeline for the development of its highly anticipated entry into the competitive ...

Imbria's Ninerafaxstat Shows Safety Success in Phase 2 Heart Failure Study

Imbria Pharmaceuticals Clears Safety Hurdles in Phase 2 Heart Failure Trial, Paving the Way for Promising Late-Stage Development

Anika Sharma

Imbria Pharmaceuticals has achieved positive results in a phase 2 trial for its heart failure medication. The Boston-based biotech, in ...

Zimmer Biomet's Q3 Sales Growth and CEO Tornos' Vision for Innovation

Zimmer Biomet Sees Steady Q3 Sales Growth, New CEO Tornos Unveils Vision for an ‘Innovation Journey’

Anika Sharma

Zimmer Biomet’s executive branch experienced significant changes in the third quarter, but these transitions haven’t derailed the company’s steady growth ...

Amgen's deCODE Uncovers New Clonal Hematopoiesis Risk Factors and Genes

Amgen’s deCODE Reveals New Clonal Hematopoiesis Risk Factors and Genes

Anika Sharma

Amgen’s subsidiary, deCODE Genetics, has uncovered new risk factors and genes associated with clonal hematopoiesis, a precursor condition to blood ...

Akeso's Cadonilimab Shows Promising Survival Outcomes in Severe Gastric Cancer

Akeso’s Cadonilimab Achieves Significant Overall Survival in Severe Gastric Cancer Patients

Anika Sharma

Akeso’s bispecific antibody has demonstrated a significant improvement in overall survival for first-line patients with severe gastric cancer or gastroesophageal ...

WuXi XDC's $470.5M IPO to Expand Manufacturing Globally

WuXi XDC Plans $470.5M IPO to Drive Global Manufacturing Expansion

Anika Sharma

WuXi’s spinoff venture, WuXi XDC, is poised to make its debut on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange later this month, ...

NICE's Trikafta Rejection and Potential Price Standoff with Vertex in the UK

NICE’s Rejection of Trikafta May Signal Price Dispute with Vertex in the UK

Anika Sharma

Vertex Pharmaceuticals faces a potential reiteration of history in the United Kingdom, where a recent decision by the National Institute ...

Krystal's Vyjuvek Gene Therapy Receives FDA Approval, Boosts Sales Forecast

Krystal’s Vyjuvek Gene Therapy Gains FDA Approval, Spurs Sales Projections

Anika Sharma

Krystal Biotech’s CEO, Krish Krishnan, was quick to highlight in the company’s inaugural conference call to present its quarterly results ...

Vertex Readies for exa-cel Launch, Cautiously Eyes Enormous Opportunity

Vertex Gears Up for exa-cel Launch, Acknowledges Vast Opportunity with Cautious Outlook

Anika Sharma

After a prolonged journey in development, the first CRISPR-based gene editing therapy has recently received approval from an FDA advisory ...

Wezlana Challenges Stelara in Medicare Negotiations: Amgen's Biosimilar on the Horizon

Amgen’s Wezlana Emerges as Competitor to J&J’s Stelara, Shaping Medicare Negotiations

Anika Sharma

Johnson & Johnson may find a silver lining in the recent FDA approval of Amgen’s biosimilar for Stelara. This approval ...

Astellas' Izervay Shows Prolonged Efficacy in 2-Year Study for Geographic Atrophy Treatment

Astellas’ Izervay Shows Prolonged Efficacy in 2-Year Study for Geographic Atrophy Treatment

Anika Sharma

Astellas made a significant acquisition of Iveric Bio earlier this year, primarily motivated by the potential of Iveric’s geographic atrophy ...

FDA Approves Neurovalens' Modius Sleep Headset for Insomnia

FDA Approves Neurovalens’ Modius Sleep Headset for Insomnia

Anika Sharma

The FDA has granted clearance to Neurovalens’ Modius Sleep device, offering a novel, drug-free solution for chronic insomnia in the ...

BMS Acquires Orum's ADC ORM-6151 for AML and MDS Treatment

BMS Acquires Orum’s ADC ORM-6151 for AML and MDS Treatment

Anika Sharma

Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) has made a significant move in the field of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) by acquiring Orum Therapeutics’ ...

MoonLake's IL-17 Drug Gains Momentum with New Phase 2 Success

MoonLake’s IL-17 Drug Gains Momentum with New Phase 2 Success

Anika Sharma

MoonLake Immunotherapeutics has achieved promising results in a phase 2 trial for its IL-17 inhibitor, sonelokimab, aimed at treating inflammatory ...

Kodiak's Eye Drug Revival Spurs Renewed FDA Approval Bid

Kodiak’s Eye Drug Revival Spurs Renewed FDA Approval Bid

Anika Sharma

Kodiak Sciences had previously abandoned its tarcocimab tedromer program following disappointing results in two phase 3 trials. However, a recent ...

Congressional Inquiry into FDA Amidst Drug Shortages

Congressional Inquiry into FDA Amidst Drug Shortages

Anika Sharma

As shortages of crucial medications, including amoxicillin, penicillin, Adderall, and certain chemotherapies, persist in the United States, two prominent Republican ...

Locanabio Halts Ops, Aids Genetic Meds Staff

Locanabio Announces Shutdown, Aids Staff in Job Transition

Anika Sharma

Locanabio is set to cease operations by the year’s end, succumbing to the challenging financial landscape that continues to affect ...

Lexeo IPO Drops Price for $100M Fund

Lexeo Therapeutics Slashes IPO Price to Secure $100M Funding

Anika Sharma

Lexeo Therapeutics has revealed its intention to generate substantial capital through a Nasdaq listing, despite having recently scaled back its ...

CooperSurgical Buys Cook OB-GYN Assets

CooperSurgical Finalizes Reduced Deal for Cook Medical OB-GYN Division

Anika Sharma

The recent transaction announcement by CooperSurgical may resonate with familiarity as the company has just completed an acquisition of certain ...

Pfizer Slashes Jobs at Vaccine Plant Amid Cuts

Pfizer Trims 200 Positions at Michigan COVID Plant During Cost-Saving Measures

Anika Sharma

The decline in demand for its COVID-19 treatments has prompted Pfizer to initiate a cost-reduction strategy across the company, which ...

Travere's Filspari Faces FDA Hurdle After Trial Miss

Travere Fights for FDA Approval Despite Filspari’s Trial Endpoint Miss

Anika Sharma

Travere Therapeutics has recently encountered setbacks in two critical trials involving their drug Filspari, with implications for its accelerated approval ...

Alvogen Loses FDA Battle for Xifaxan Generic

Court Rejects Alvogen’s Push for FDA Nod on Bausch’s Xifaxan Generic

Anika Sharma

Salix Pharmaceuticals, the gastroenterology division of Bausch Health, has successfully defended its irritable bowel syndrome diarrhea medication, Xifaxan, against a ...

Kronos Bio Trims Workforce for Tumor Drug Trial

Kronos Bio Slashes Staff by 19% to Fund Upcoming Solid Tumor Trial

Anika Sharma

Kronos Bio is undergoing a strategic reorganization, including a staff reduction of 19%, following promising early trial results for a ...

Lilly's Bold Expansion in Obesity Drug Trials

Lilly Expands Obesity Drug Range Amid Safety Trials

Anika Sharma

Eli Lilly is aggressively pursuing advancements in the field of obesity treatment, accelerating the development of an oral medication option ...

Moderna $1.3B Loss, Scales Back COVID Vaccine Prod

Moderna Reports $1.3B Loss and Cuts Back Production Amid Sales Dip

Anika Sharma

Moderna, once propelled to pharmaceutical prominence by its lucrative COVID-19 vaccine sales, now grapples with a decline in demand and ...

Novo Nordisk Q3 Sales Spike, Eyes on Production

Novo Nordisk Q3 Sales Surge on GLP-1 Meds Amid Manufacturing Queries

Anika Sharma

Since the FDA gave the green light to Novo Nordisk’s GLP-1 weight-loss medication Wegovy over two years ago, the drug ...

Lilly Ramps Up Mounjaro Supply Amid Demand

Eli Lilly Expands Manufacturing to Meet Mounjaro Demand Surge

Anika Sharma

Eli Lilly’s diabetes medication Mounjaro has continued to experience robust sales growth despite supply challenges, with the GLP-1/GIP agonist generating ...

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