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Dive into the world of clinical trials, where medical innovations are put to the test. Discover ongoing trials, their methodologies, and results. Stay informed about the latest breakthroughs and promising treatments in development. Understand the rigorous process of bringing new therapies to market.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Shifts Strategy After Suspending Phase 2 Lung Therapy

Vertex Halts Phase 2 Lung Therapy, Reevaluates DMD Drug’s Clinical Path

Anika Sharma

Vertex Pharmaceuticals anticipates a “milestone-rich period” ahead, but there are updates regarding two of its candidates. The biotech has decided ...

Ventyx Halts TYK2 Inhibitor Following Phase 2 Success

Ventyx Halts TYK2 Inhibitor Despite Phase 2 Success, Stock Plummets 70%

Anika Sharma

Ventyx Biosciences discovered that even a seemingly successful clinical trial may not be enough to support a drug’s advancement, as ...

Imbria's Ninerafaxstat Shows Safety Success in Phase 2 Heart Failure Study

Imbria Pharmaceuticals Clears Safety Hurdles in Phase 2 Heart Failure Trial, Paving the Way for Promising Late-Stage Development

Anika Sharma

Imbria Pharmaceuticals has achieved positive results in a phase 2 trial for its heart failure medication. The Boston-based biotech, in ...

Akeso's Cadonilimab Shows Promising Survival Outcomes in Severe Gastric Cancer

Akeso’s Cadonilimab Achieves Significant Overall Survival in Severe Gastric Cancer Patients

Anika Sharma

Akeso’s bispecific antibody has demonstrated a significant improvement in overall survival for first-line patients with severe gastric cancer or gastroesophageal ...

Astellas' Izervay Shows Prolonged Efficacy in 2-Year Study for Geographic Atrophy Treatment

Astellas’ Izervay Shows Prolonged Efficacy in 2-Year Study for Geographic Atrophy Treatment

Anika Sharma

Astellas made a significant acquisition of Iveric Bio earlier this year, primarily motivated by the potential of Iveric’s geographic atrophy ...

MoonLake's IL-17 Drug Gains Momentum with New Phase 2 Success

MoonLake’s IL-17 Drug Gains Momentum with New Phase 2 Success

Anika Sharma

MoonLake Immunotherapeutics has achieved promising results in a phase 2 trial for its IL-17 inhibitor, sonelokimab, aimed at treating inflammatory ...

Kodiak's Eye Drug Revival Spurs Renewed FDA Approval Bid

Kodiak’s Eye Drug Revival Spurs Renewed FDA Approval Bid

Anika Sharma

Kodiak Sciences had previously abandoned its tarcocimab tedromer program following disappointing results in two phase 3 trials. However, a recent ...

Travere's Filspari Faces FDA Hurdle After Trial Miss

Travere Fights for FDA Approval Despite Filspari’s Trial Endpoint Miss

Anika Sharma

Travere Therapeutics has recently encountered setbacks in two critical trials involving their drug Filspari, with implications for its accelerated approval ...

Tonix Ends Depression Drug Trial After Phase 2 Flop

Tonix Pharmaceuticals Abandons Depression Drug Post-Phase 2 Failure

Anika Sharma

Tonix Pharmaceuticals has experienced a setback in its pipeline as it discontinues the development of a major depression disorder (MDD) ...

C4 Therapeutics Ends Cancer Trial, Awaits Betta Funds

C4 Therapeutics Halts Cancer Project Post Phase 1/2 Trial Setback

Anika Sharma

C4 Therapeutics has made a strategic decision to discontinue the development of CFT8634, an oral BRD9 degrader, following a phase ...

Catalent Revenue at Risk After Sarepta Trial Falters

Catalent Braces for Potential Revenue Setback Following Sarepta’s Gene Therapy Trial Disappointment

Anika Sharma

Catalent, having overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic, now faces another potential setback in the form of what analysts ...

Novartis' $3.2B Chinook Success for Atrasentan 2024 FDA Filing

Novartis’ $3.2B Chinook Investment Soars with Successful Phase 3 Endpoint, Paving the Way for 2024 FDA Filing

Anika Sharma

Novartis is seeing promising results from its substantial $3.2 billion investment in Chinook Therapeutics. Exciting top-line data from a phase ...

Leqembi lowers amyloid, safety issues persist | Pharma News

Eisai, Biogen’s Leqembi reduces amyloid in Alzheimer’s, but safety concerns remain

Anika Sharma

Amid mounting concerns regarding the potential strain on healthcare infrastructure due to Leqembi, a drug for Alzheimer’s disease, Eisai and ...

Gene-silencing data for Alzheimer’s by Alnylam, Biogen | Pharma News

Alnylam, Biogen show gene-silencing data for Alzheimer’s therapies

Anika Sharma

This week, Alnylam and Biogen took a significant step toward redefining the landscape of Alzheimer’s disease treatment by revealing promising ...

Flu-COVID combo vaccine by Pfizer, BioNTech | Pharma News

Pfizer, BioNTech ready flu-COVID combo vaccine for phase 3 trial

Anika Sharma

In an exciting race reminiscent of their previous encounters, Pfizer and BioNTech have once again taken on their recurring competitor, ...

BioSenic faces cash crunch, eyes phase 3 | Pharmtales

BioSenic seeks to survive cash crunch and enter phase 3 for GvHD drug

Anika Sharma

BioSenic, the Belgian biotech born from the merger of Bone Therapeutics and Medsenic last year, is devising a survival plan ...

GSK’s RSV vaccine eyes label expansion | Pharmtales

GSK’s RSV vaccine poised for label expansion after trial success

Anika Sharma

Five months after GSK made history by securing FDA approval for its respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine, Arexvy, the company ...

Araclon’s vaccine slows Alzheimer’s in trial | Pharmtales

Araclon’s Alzheimer’s vaccine shows promise in phase 2 trial

Anika Sharma

Araclon Biotech, a subsidiary of Grifols, has unveiled promising early evidence regarding the effectiveness of its Alzheimer’s disease vaccine. In ...

Tremfya works for psoriasis in all skin tones

Tremfya clears psoriasis in people of color, first study of its kind shows

Anika Sharma

The journey to improved treatments for psoriasis, a challenging skin condition, has been long and complex. Despite advances, some patient ...

J&J’s dengue pill prevents infection in trial

J&J’s dengue pill shows antiviral activity in human trial, could prevent millions of infections

Anika Sharma

Amidst Johnson & Johnson’s strategic restructuring in the infectious disease and vaccine divisions, one resilient contender has emerged. JNJ-1802, an ...

BMS, Halozyme report subcutaneous Opdivo success

BMS and Halozyme announce positive results for subcutaneous Opdivo in cancer patients

Anika Sharma

Following the discontinuation of an auto-injected version of Opdivo (nivolumab), Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) has achieved success with a more ...

Takeda’s Alofisel flops in phase 3 Crohn’s trial

Takeda’s Alofisel fails to meet primary endpoint in phase 3 trial for Crohn’s disease complication

Anika Sharma

Takeda, following its decision to remove an early-stage Crohn’s disease candidate from its pipeline earlier this year, is now contending ...

Evelo’s microbiome platform flops in trial

Evelo seeks new partner after microbiome platform fails to beat placebo

Anika Sharma

In a series of unfortunate turns, Evelo Biosciences, a biotech company backed by Flagship Ventures and that went public in ...

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AbbVie’s Skyrizi beats J&J’s Stelara in head-to-head Crohn’s disease trial

Anika Sharma

AbbVie’s Skyrizi has notched a resounding victory over Johnson & Johnson’s biologic drug Stelara in treating Crohn’s disease, as revealed ...

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Omeros halts phase 3 trial of kidney disease drug after disappointing results, stock plummets

Anika Sharma

In a surprising turn of events, Omeros has halted its phase 3 trial of narsoplimab in kidney disease patients, as ...

Sotio’s IL-15 drug fails in solid tumors

Sotio halts trials of IL-15 drug in solid tumors due to lack of efficacy, casting doubt on cytokine’s potential

Anika Sharma

Sotio Biotech has decided to halt ongoing studies of its IL-15 superagonist, nanrilkefusp alfa, due to insufficient efficacy in clinical ...

Roche’s BTK inhibitor crosses brain barrier in MS

Roche’s BTK inhibitor shows potential to cross blood-brain barrier in MS trial

Anika Sharma

Roche is touting its multiple sclerosis (MS) drug as a potential game-changer in the field, asserting that it has achieved ...

Ozempic’s kidney disease benefit doubted by DaVita

Novo’s Ozempic shows promise in kidney disease, but DaVita questions its real-world benefits

Anika Sharma

Novo Nordisk’s GLP-1 blockbuster Ozempic appears to be making significant strides in the treatment of chronic kidney disease (CKD), potentially ...

Leo Pharma’s JAK cream vs. Incyte’s Opzelura in hand eczema

Leo Pharma reveals positive results for its JAK cream in hand eczema, competing with Incyte’s Opzelura

Anika Sharma

In February, Leo Pharma created a buzz by announcing the success of its JAK-inhibitor cream, delgocitinib, in a phase 3 ...

Eli Lilly, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, mirikizumab, Clinical trial data, Stelara

Lilly’s mirikizumab shows promise in Crohn’s disease after failing in psoriasis

Anika Sharma

After a previous setback when the FDA withheld approval for mirikizumab in ulcerative colitis due to manufacturing issues, Eli Lilly’s ...

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