How Tezspire helps a punk rocker with severe asthma live his life to the fullest

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Amgen and AstraZeneca are making a triumphant return to television advertising to highlight how Tezspire is transforming the lives of individuals with a zest for life who are dealing with asthma symptoms. Their latest TV spot, which builds upon last year’s initial ad campaign, aims to coincide with Asthma Peak Week, a period characterized by a high incidence of asthma attacks. The original ad featured a diverse cast of animated characters, each representing different walks of life and asthma types effectively treated by Tezspire.

In this renewed campaign, Amgen and AstraZeneca have chosen to delve deeper into the backstory of Hawk, the punk rocker character from the original spot. Among all the characters, Hawk’s narrative resonated most with audiences. Kristin Layton, Consumer Marketing Director for Respiratory at Amgen, expressed that Hawk’s journey was particularly relevant. Tezspire not only empowered him to pursue his passion of being in a band but also addressed the relatable aspects of his asthma triggers.

The new TV spot commences with a captivating scene of Hawk, adorned in full punk rock attire with a distinctive mohawk, passionately singing with his band. However, as the voice-over emphasizes the challenges of being true to oneself while battling severe asthma, the ad transitions to a younger Hawk practicing with his bandmates in a garage, struggling to breathe and unable to sing. We witness Hawk reluctantly declining band practice due to his asthma, isolating himself.

Tezspire emerges as the hero in Hawk’s story. The voice-over asserts that “Tezspire can help you, be you,” as the ad returns to Hawk performing live with his band, Mare Cats, singing effortlessly without the constraints of asthma. Hawk’s journey sheds light on how individuals with chronic conditions often normalize their disease. Caty Smith, Executive Marketing Director for Tezspire at AstraZeneca, notes that Hawk had to modify his expectations and desires due to his asthma but found newfound freedom with Tezspire.

This TV spot, while revisiting elements of the original ad featuring other characters, is just one facet of a comprehensive campaign. Amgen and AstraZeneca are leveraging the enriched narratives of all the characters on the Tezspire website. Additionally, they are introducing a new asthma specialist character, collaborating with influencers, and running online ads as part of a multifaceted, branded, and unbranded marketing initiative.
In the financial realm, Amgen reported remarkable Tezspire sales of $133 million in the second quarter, signifying a substantial 39% increase compared to the preceding three months of the year. This impressive growth coincides with Amgen and AstraZeneca’s strategic efforts to capitalize on Tezspire’s competitive advantages over Dupixent. Notably, Tezspire boasts a broader label that encompasses asthma patients with low eosinophil levels, positioning it well to meet the expectations of blockbuster success.

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