Teva Introduces a Smart Inhaler That Could Revolutionize Asthma Management

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Teva Introduces a Smart Inhaler That Could Revolutionize Asthma Management

Teva has introduced a digitally-enabled inhaler called GoResp Digihaler in the UK, making it the first European market to receive this innovative device. Designed for patients with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), the inhaler delivers the inhaled corticosteroid budesonide and the long-acting beta agonist formoterol.

The GoResp Digihaler comes equipped with built-in sensors that effectively detect and record essential data related to a patient’s inhaler usage and ability. By connecting to a smartphone via Bluetooth, the device enables patients to access and review the results on a companion app and even share the data with their healthcare provider.

One of the standout features of the GoResp Digihaler is its ability to provide objective data on the patient’s inhaler usage, including inspiratory flow results. This data assists in categorizing their respiratory symptoms effectively. The companion app also includes a reminder function to prompt patients when to take their medication, enhancing medication adherence.

Teva proudly highlights that the GoResp Digihaler is the first integrated inhaler device with sensors capable of recording such comprehensive data on the patient’s inhaler use. The app’s analysis evaluates how well the patients are inhaling their medication based on their inspiratory flow rate, categorizing the results as good, fair, or low/no inhalation. This monitoring of treatment frequency and technique is vital as studies show that patients with asthma tend to overestimate actual inhaler usage by up to eight inhalations per week.

Effective inhaler therapy compliance is crucial, as it is estimated that nearly half of all asthma patients do not have their condition under control. Poor adherence leads to increased symptoms and places a heavier burden on healthcare resources.

“Providing key insights from viewing and monitoring inhaler technique and usage will support patients and healthcare professionals in the management of appropriate patients with asthma and COPD and represents an important step forward. This marks a major milestone for us, as it extends our growing, innovative, respiratory portfolio as we continue on our mission to improve the lives of patients.”

– Kim Innes, general manager of Teva UK & Ireland

With approximately 5.4 million people living with asthma and 3 million with COPD in the UK, both conditions result in high levels of hospital admissions and fatalities. Patients with asthma undergo over six million primary care consultations and approximately 93,000 hospital admissions annually, while COPD triggers around 130,000 admissions.

The introduction of smart inhaler technology has proven to be more effective than the current standard care for asthma treatment, according to a NICE innovation briefing published a few years ago. Additionally, a survey by the patient organization Asthma + Lung UK found that 88% of people would be willing to use a smart device if it were available through the NHS.

Teva’s Digihaler range is being developed and manufactured by its subsidiary in Waterford, Ireland, showcasing the company’s commitment to advancing healthcare technology for respiratory conditions.

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