Regeneron's Eylea High-Dose Outperforms in Sales

Regeneron’s High-Dose Eylea Launch Takes Off, Rivals Roche’s Vabysmo

Anika Sharma

Roche’s increased sales for its extended-release treatment for macular degeneration, Vabysmo, indicate that consumers are willing to try new therapies. ...

Roche’s TIGIT Journey Continues at ESMO

Roche’s TIGIT Therapy: ESMO Reveals Ongoing Commitment

Anika Sharma

Roche is taking a steadfast position in the realm of TIGIT-class therapies, even in the face of fluctuating data and ...

Roche, Biogen end patent dispute over Actemra biosimilar

Roche, Biogen end patent dispute over Actemra biosimilar

Anika Sharma

Roche has swiftly resolved a patent infringement lawsuit it initiated against Biogen in July. The legal dispute centered around Biogen’s ...

Roche Snaps Up Telavant and Its IBD Drug

Roche’s $7B Investment Ignites Intense Competition with Merck in the Bowel Disease Market Amid TL1A Feeding Frenzy

Anika Sharma

Roche has made a substantial move by agreeing to pay Roivant and Pfizer $7.1 billion upfront for regional rights to ...

Roche reveals blood cancer plans post-COVID

Roche unveils its blood cancer strategy after COVID-19 boost

Anika Sharma

While Roche has seen a decline in COVID-19 drug sales after the pandemic boom, the company is experiencing a resurgence ...

PTC cashes in $1.5B from Evrysdi royalty deal

PTC sells royalty rights of SMA drug Evrysdi to Royalty Pharma for $1.5B

Anika Sharma

As part of its cost-cutting efforts and in response to potential challenges in the European market, PTC Therapeutics is taking ...

Roche drops eye drug, exits solid tumor field

Roche abandons oral drug for eye disease after phase 2 failure, shifts focus from solid tumor bispecifics

Anika Sharma

Roche’s ambitious quest to develop an oral treatment for diabetic retinopathy has faced a setback, as the company decided to ...

Pharma’s reputation rises among neurology groups

Neurology patient groups rate pharma higher, but some big players lose rank

Anika Sharma

The pharmaceutical industry’s reputation among neurology patient groups has undergone a notable transformation, marking the third consecutive year of positive ...

SpliceBio and Spark join forces for eye gene therapy

SpliceBio and Roche’s Spark Therapeutics team up for eye disease gene therapy

Anika Sharma

SpliceBio Initiates $216 Million Collaboration with Roche’s Gene Therapy Unit to Pave the Way for Innovative Inherited Retinal Disease Treatment ...

Roche and Monte Rosa team up for molecular glue

Roche partners with Monte Rosa to develop molecular glue drugs for cancer

Anika Sharma

In a dynamic move, Roche has forged its second major agreement in the realm of molecular glue technology, this time ...

Roche’s BTK inhibitor crosses brain barrier in MS

Roche’s BTK inhibitor shows potential to cross blood-brain barrier in MS trial

Anika Sharma

Roche is touting its multiple sclerosis (MS) drug as a potential game-changer in the field, asserting that it has achieved ...

Ocrevus subcutaneous vs intravenous: Roche study

Roche’s Ocrevus shows similar efficacy and safety in subcutaneous and intravenous forms

Anika Sharma

Roche’s innovative subcutaneous adaptation of its highly-regarded multiple sclerosis (MS) medication, Ocrevus, has achieved a significant breakthrough in a pivotal ...

Retinal vein occlusion, Vabysmo, Roche, macular edema, wet age-related macular degeneration, Bispecific antibody

Roche’s Vabysmo Preserves RVO Patients’ Vision with 4-Month Treatment Intervals in Phase III Trials

Anika Sharma

Roche has unveiled promising long-term findings from the global phase III BALATON and COMINO trials, which investigated the extended treatment ...

Biogen, Roche, Actemra, biosimilars, FDA approval, rheumatoid arthritis, polyarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis, systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis, tofidence

FDA Approves Biogen’s Biosimilar, Challenging Roche’s Actemra Dominance in the Market

Anika Sharma

Biogen has achieved a remarkable milestone while contemplating the future of its biosimilars division. The company proudly announced that its ...

venclexta multiple myeloma trial, venclexta trial results, venclexta label expansion, abbvie roche venclexta, venclexta progression free survival, venclexta blood cancer, venclexta failed endpoint,

Venclexta fails to meet primary endpoint in multiple myeloma trial

Anika Sharma

AbbVie and Roche, pioneers in the field of leukemia treatments with Venclexta, faced a setback as their hopes to expand ...

Roche and Ionis expand partnership with new RNA programs for Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s

Roche and Ionis expand partnership with new RNA programs for Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s

Anika Sharma

Roche, in its quest to find effective treatments for Alzheimer’s diseases after the setbacks of gantenerumab, has reaffirmed its commitment ...

Roche denounces counterfeit Avastin that caused blindness in Pakistan

Roche denounces counterfeit Avastin that caused blindness in Pakistan

Anika Sharma

Following a distressing incident in which several diabetic patients were administered a counterfeit version of Roche’s Avastin, resulting in the ...

Roche Hemlibra patent appeal, Baxalta hemophilia A patent invalid, Hemlibra vs Baxalta hemophilia drug, Roche Genentech Hemlibra sales, Baxalta Takeda patent infringement lawsuit, Hemlibra patent enablement requirement, Roche Hemlibra adverse events,

Roche wins patent appeal over Hemlibra, its hemophilia A drug, against Takeda’s Baxalta

Anika Sharma

In a patent dispute revolving around two competing hemophilia medications, Roche’s Genentech unit has achieved its second consecutive victory. Following ...

Roche Rozlytrek safety information, Rozlytrek U.K. website complaint, Roche PMCPA code of conduct breach, Rozlytrek black triangle product, Roche cancer drug dosing webpage, Rozlytrek adverse reactions and dose adjustments, Roche Clause 2 violation,

Roche fined for serious breach of marketing code by failing to disclose safety data

Anika Sharma

Roche, a prominent pharmaceutical company, is under scrutiny for omitting vital safety details from a webpage dedicated to dosing information ...

Genentech PeptiDream peptide deal, Peptide-radioisotope drug conjugates, Peptide discovery platform system, Genentech Roche radiopharmaceuticals, PeptiDream PDPS technology, Genentech cancer targets, PeptiDream milestone payments,

Genentech and PeptiDream expand peptide collaboration to explore radiopharmaceuticals for cancer

Anika Sharma

Japanese biotech firm PeptiDream continues to attract significant interest from major pharmaceutical companies. Genentech, a long-term partner, has entered into ...

Genentech Orionis Biosciences collaboration, Molecular glue drugs discovery, Allo-Glue platform Orionis, Genentech Roche protein degradation, Orionis Biosciences milestones and royalties, Molecular glue drugs oncology neurodegeneration, Genentech molecular glue deals,

Genentech and Orionis Biosciences team up to discover molecular glue drugs for oncology and neurodegeneration

Anika Sharma

Genentech, a subsidiary of Roche, is aggressively expanding its partnered portfolio into cutting-edge areas of research and development. Following a ...

Lonza CEO Ruffieux departure, Lonza leadership instability, Lonza chairman Baehny interim, Lonza COVID-19 vaccine Moderna, Lonza specialty ingredients sale, Lonza annual sales growth forecast, Lonza capital markets day,

Lonza CEO Ruffieux quits after less than a year, chairman steps in

Anika Sharma

Lonza, the Swiss Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), is once again on the hunt for a new CEO, marking ...

Roche, Tecentriq, subcutaneous injection, subcutaneous Tecentriq, FDA setback, immunotherapy

Roche’s subcutaneous Tecentriq faces FDA setback due to manufacturing updates

Anika Sharma

Roche may experience a delay in the FDA decision for its subcutaneous version of the cancer immunotherapy Tecentriq, as it ...

Roche, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, hypertension, clinical trial data

Roche’s $310 Million Gamble On Alnylam Pays Off As Hypertension Drug Shows Promise In Phase 2

Anika Sharma

Roche’s recent investment of $310 million into metabolic therapy is yielding positive results, as its collaboration with Alnylam in the ...

Tecentriq, Roche, Lung Cancer, NSCLC, Alecensa, Clinical trial results, ALK-positive NSCLC

Roche’s Alecensa beats chemo in early-stage lung cancer, following Tecentriq’s lead

Anika Sharma

With Tecentriq approval, Roche is once again celebrating success, this time in a promising early-stage lung cancer trial starring Alecensa, ...

Lytenava, Outlook Therapeutics, Avastin, Roche, wet AMD, bevacizumab-vikg, Complete response letter

Outlook’s eye drug Lytenava fails to win FDA approval, despite positive trial

Anika Sharma

Outlook Therapeutics has been working on a reformulated version of Roche’s cancer drug Avastin for the treatment of certain eye ...

Tecentriq, Roche, Immunotherapy, PD-L1 inhibitor, lung cancer, bladder cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer

Tecentriq SC: A Swift Leap Forward in Cancer Treatment Receives Green Light

Anika Sharma

Roche has proudly unveiled that Tecentriq SC (atezolizumab) has received the stamp of approval from the Medicines and Healthcare products ...

Roche, EMA approval, spinal muscular atrophy, European Commission, Evrysdi

Roche’s Evrysdi Illuminates Hope: EC Expands Approval for SMA Infants

Anika Sharma

To provide a brighter future for infants battling spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), Roche has unveiled a momentous development. The European ...

Roche, KRAS inhibitor, KRAS mutation, Amgen, Mirati Therapeutics, Divarasib, NSCLC

Roche’s Latest KRAS Data Shows Promise Against Amgen and Mirati, Yet Verdict Remains Uncertain

Anika Sharma

Roche has presented compelling new data showcasing its KRAS inhibitor, divarasib, as a potential contender against rivals Amgen and Mirati. ...

Roche, Horizon Therapeutics, Takeda, AstraZeneca, Octapharma

Horizon Surpasses Roche in Rare Disease Reputation, While Pfizer’s Standing Declines

Anika Sharma

Horizon Therapeutics continues to collect accolades as it progresses toward its acquisition, with rare disease organizations now recognizing its excellence. ...

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