Sanofi’s specialty care chief Sibold leaves amid executive reshuffle

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After an impressive six-year tenure steering Sanofi’s specialty care division, Bill Sibold is bidding adieu to embrace a new external opportunity, leaving behind an indelible mark on the company’s Regeneron-partnered immunology juggernaut, Dupixent.

Sibold’s departure, effective immediately, follows a noteworthy 12-year journey at Sanofi. Stepping into the leadership vacuum is Brian Foard, the present head of specialty care in North America. This interim appointment comes as the hunt for a permanent successor gains momentum.

Notably, specialty care has emerged as a pivotal realm within Sanofi’s strategic landscape, championed by CEO Paul Hudson. Sibold, ascending to the helm in 2017, deftly navigated the division’s reins, his ascent serendipitously coinciding with Dupixent’s inaugural approval. Since then, he has masterfully propelled Dupixent into the driving seat of Sanofi’s growth engine.

Sibold’s prior engagements include a stint as Avanir Pharmaceuticals’ Chief Commercial Officer, which subsequently saw Avanir’s acquisition by Otsuka. Additionally, his diverse journey encompasses various roles at Biogen, coupled with a foundational launch at Eli Lilly.

As Sibold embarks on a new trajectory, Foard is primed to potentially steer Dupixent’s horizon toward the vast expanse of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This paradigm shift could usher Dupixent into an expansive market, with projections by Evercore ISI analysts hinting at the pinnacle of $20 billion in peak sales.

Beyond the landscape of specialty care, Sanofi orchestrates a symphony of transformative shifts. Houman Ashrafian steps into the realm of R&D on September 11, entrusted with the mantle left by John Reed, M.D., Ph.D. Notably, Reed’s February departure paved the way for his leadership at Johnson & Johnson. Ashrafian’s track record of nurturing successful healthcare ventures positions him well for this pivotal role.

In alignment with the digital age, Emmanuel Frenehard ascends to the role of Chief Digital Officer with immediate effect, aligning Sanofi with the industry trend toward heightened digital focus. His elevation underscores Sanofi’s commitment to harnessing digital innovation.

Lastly, Madeline Roach assumes the newly minted position of Head of Business Operations. Her elevation underlines Sanofi’s agility and vision, propelling individuals with potential into strategic roles. Roach’s journey within Sanofi, commencing as Head of Internal Audit and Risk Management last year, exemplifies the company’s commitment to nurturing talent from within.

As Sanofi orchestrates these pivotal transitions, the company’s commitment to shaping a dynamic future remains steadfast. Through strategic realignments and visionary appointments, Sanofi is poised to continue its impactful journey in shaping the healthcare landscape.

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