Sanofi invests $10M in Proteome Sciences to access its protein map for drug discovery

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Sanofi has taken a significant step toward its goal of becoming the first pharmaceutical company to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) on a large scale, with a partnership valued at over $1 billion with California’s BioMap. 

The primary objective is to enhance the accuracy of predicting potential protein-based therapies, with applications spanning immunology, neurology, oncology, and rare diseases. As part of this collaboration, Sanofi is making an initial payment of $10 million, with the potential for additional investments exceeding $1 billion across module development, preclinical development, clinical development, regulatory milestones, and commercial milestones.

“As the largest foundational model-based approach within life sciences, we are thrilled to collaborate with Sanofi and leverage the potential of BioMap’s cutting-edge AI engine to help solve complex problems associated with new protein therapies to drive drug discovery. We have built what is essentially a biological map of proteins using data sets from public and private sources to inform our foundational models. Utilizing automation and integrated workflows to enhance the collection of high-quality data, we can catalyze the process of new hit discovery and lead optimization.”

– BioMap’s Chief Technology Officer, Le Song

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This announcement follows a series of AI-focused partnerships initiated by Sanofi in recent years, including collaborations with Exscientia for the discovery of new oncology and immunology drugs, a partnership with AtomWise focused on small molecules, and agreements with Insilico and Owkin.

In June, Sanofi introduced an AI-powered app in collaboration with Aily Labs, providing a comprehensive overview of all Sanofi activities to support its various teams. During this announcement, the pharmaceutical giant outlined its ambition to lead the pharmaceutical industry in AI adoption.

“By combining Sanofi’s proprietary data sets, digital infrastructure, AI and data science capabilities, and drug development expertise with BioMap’s protein Large Language Models, high-performance computing, and deep understanding of AI, we can optimize the process of discovery and development of breakthrough biotherapeutics. Our collaboration with BioMap further underscores Sanofi’s commitment to becoming the first pharma company powered by artificial intelligence at scale.”

– Matt Truppo, Global Head of Research Platforms at Sanofi

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