Sanofi Consumer Healthcare introduces a new site to advance science and address significant self-care issues

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Sanofi Consumer Healthcare introduces a new site to advance science and address significant self-care issues

Source – Sanofi

On June 15, a new Open Innovation Portal was  made available by Sanofi’s Consumer Healthcare Business Unit, enabling the larger supply chain community to contribute their innovative, game-changing solutions to the problems posed by the consumer healthcare industry’s constant change. Sanofi Consumer Healthcare has established challenge areas that startups, entrepreneurs, research institutions, accelerators, universities, and more may now reply to online. These categories range from designing environmentally friendly packaging to generating new goods and technology.

The healthcare environment is changing quickly, and since COVID, there has been a growing appreciation of the value of self-care, self-diagnosis, and self-treatment. By combining the most inventive external ideas with Sanofi’s marketing know-how, science infrastructure, size, and consumer reach, the opening of the Sanofi Consumer Healthcare Open Innovation Portal will make it easier to commercialize the finest revolutionary self-care solutions. Successful applications will have the chance to work as partners on projects with Consumer Healthcare at Sanofi to advance innovation together.

“A problem shared is a problem halved and the Open Innovation Portal is part of our mission to unlock science to bring health in the hands of millions of consumers and patients. The Open Innovation Portal will also serve as an opportunity to partner with the brightest and the best to bring some truly transformative ideas to life for our consumers.”

Josephine Fubara, Chief Science Officer, Consumer Healthcare, Sanofi

The Open Innovation Portal fits into its larger purpose to make research accessible to customers so they can take control of their health, while also reaching sustainability objectives including being carbon neutral, cutting waste, safeguarding ecosystems, and revealing more information about ingredient sources. Sanofi is also proud to support VivaTech 2023, a conference that will be held in Paris from June 14–17. 

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