Pfizer CEO supports migraine sufferers and urges employers to do the same

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Pfizer’s CEO, Dr. Albert Bourla, is championing a disease awareness campaign by leveraging his social media platforms to underscore the significance of creating migraine-friendly workplace policies.

Migraine has taken center stage at Pfizer following its substantial $11.6 billion acquisition of Biohaven Pharma. This strategic move granted Pfizer full control over Nurtec ODT, a migraine medication that raked in an impressive $247 million in sales during the second quarter. In response, Pfizer has invested significantly in an advertising campaign featuring the renowned artist Lady Gaga. The company is committed to promoting Nurtec ODT to strengthen its position in the competitive migraine treatment landscape, where rivals like AbbVie and Eli Lilly are also vying for dominance.

In anticipation of Migraine Awareness Week, Pfizer has launched a campaign focusing on the adjustments employers can implement to create workplaces that provide essential support to employees grappling with this neurological condition. Dr. Bourla has taken to LinkedIn and Twitter (now known as X) to shed light on Pfizer’s initiatives to assist its workforce, sharing posts that direct readers to a Pfizer article. This article delves into the personal experience of Nicole Shaffer, Senior Director for People Experience and Colleague Wellness at Pfizer, highlighting the steps Pfizer has taken to provide support to her and fellow employees dealing with migraines.

In a notable achievement, the European Migraine & Headache Alliance recently recognized Pfizer as a migraine-friendly workplace. Pfizer now joins the ranks of competitors such as AbbVie, Lilly, Lundbeck, Novartis, and Teva on this list. Pfizer’s recognition is attributed to various measures the company has implemented, including offering flexible work schedules and providing anti-glare screens to accommodate employees with migraine.

Dr. Bourla’s decision to use his social media presence to promote Pfizer’s migraine awareness campaign is a noteworthy departure from his usual posts. This shift reflects the significance of the migraine therapeutic area in Pfizer’s growth strategy and its commitment to supporting those affected by this debilitating condition.

“Sometimes you can barely lift your head off a pillow, let alone make decisions during a meeting. People who don’t experience migraine sometimes don’t understand just how debilitating it can be.”

– Dr. Nicole Shaffer, DNP, CRNP-BC, COHN-S, FAAOHN, Senior Director, People Experience, Colleague Wellness at Pfizer

Pfizer’s proactive approach to addressing the needs of employees with migraines not only demonstrates its commitment to a more inclusive workplace but also underscores the pharmaceutical giant’s dedication to advancing healthcare and making a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals dealing with chronic health conditions.

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