OVID Health launches podcast to improve patient-pharma communication

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OVID Health, a healthcare communications agency, is embarking on a fresh initiative with the launch of a podcast called “OVIDcast: Patient Partnerships.” This podcast aims to raise the bar in collaborations between pharmaceutical companies and patient advocacy groups. It will feature discussions with CEOs of health charities, providing insights and guidance to pharmaceutical firms on enhancing their advocacy and engagement programs.

Leaders from prominent organizations such as the Fabry International Network, the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS), the Patients Association, Ovacome, and the Sickle Cell Society have already committed to participating. The podcast will showcase successful partnerships between these charities and companies, shedding light on their real-world impact.

ā€œPartnerships between industry and patient organisations have improved considerably over time, but there are still challengesā€”some of which are easy to address through working differently and more colligatively while others will take a more ā€˜cultural and attitudeā€™ shift for both life sciences sector and third sector/charities. I hope life sciences companies are inspired by these podcasts to approach partnerships differently and to continue innovating to help patients.ā€

– Clare Jacklin, CEO of NRAS

OVID Health previously launched the Patient Partnership Index in 2020, which evaluates the effectiveness of collaborations between the pharmaceutical industry and patient groups. This year, the agency is introducing the Patient Advocacy and Centricity Tracker (PACT), a tool designed to measure patient-centricity and engagement. The new podcast aligns seamlessly with these initiatives.

Several pharmaceutical companies, including Novartis and AstraZeneca, have ventured into the realm of podcasts to make complex industry topics more accessible and engaging. This growing trend seeks to break down intricate subjects into digestible segments. AstraZeneca, for instance, recently launched a podcast titled “That’s Understandable,” featuring discussions between company representatives and external experts on various industry-related matters.

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