Lonza Bolsters Antibody-Drug Conjugates Portfolio with Synaffix Acquisition

Lonza Bolsters Antibody-Drug Conjugates Portfolio with Synaffix Acquisition

Lonza, a global manufacturing company acquired Synaffix B.V., a biotechnology company specializing in the advancement of ADCs (antibody-drug conjugates) through its clinical-stage technology platform. The acquisition of Synaffix will contribute to Lonza’s business, with its revenues and margins being recognized from the acquisition date.

ADCs hold great potential for targeted cancer treatment, but their development and manufacturing present various complex challenges. With the expertise of the Synaffix team and their technology platform, which includes specific linker technologies and payloads, Lonza’s integrated ADC services will be significantly enhanced and expanded. Synaffix’s award-winning ADC technology platform comprises proprietary technologies such as GlycoConnect, HydraSpace, and toxSYN, which greatly improve the effectiveness and tolerability of ADCs.

By combining Lonza’s development and manufacturing capabilities with Synaffix’s ADC technology platform, customers and licensees will have access to a comprehensive service for efficiently discovering, developing, scaling up, and commercializing novel and distinctive ADCs. These enhanced capabilities will streamline the path to clinical trials and commercialization.

Following the acquisition, Synaffix, now a Lonza company, will continue to operate under its existing name and expand its operations in Oss, the Netherlands, to facilitate further innovation and growth. This strategic move aligns with Lonza’s focus on differentiation through technology and innovation. Lonza offers a range of manufacturing technologies, including bioconjugation, commercial production of cell and gene therapies, and support for live biotherapeutics, enabling customers to deliver novel and advanced therapies to patients.

Lonza has agreed to acquire Synaffix and its technology platform. The acquisition includes an advanced payload and site-specific linker technologies that will greatly benefit our company. Lonza will pay an initial $107 million in cash and up to $64 million in milestones for this acquisition.

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