J&J teams up with renowned photographer and author to promote eye health awareness

J&J teams up with renowned photographer and author to promote eye health awareness

Johnson & Johnson is embarking on a transformative vision campaign, joining forces with renowned New York Times best-selling author, Kate T. Parker, to capture the stories of patients worldwide and shed light on their remarkable journeys.

In the first half of the year, J&J recorded substantial earnings of $2.6 billion from sales of vision products, including contact lenses, achieving a remarkable 7% growth in sales during this period. As autumn unfolds, the company is determined to sustain its momentum, commencing with an eye-catching back-to-school eye test initiative, followed by the eagerly anticipated “Vision Made Possible” campaign.

Collaborating with Kate T. Parker, a distinguished photographer and author celebrated for her impactful books like “Strong Is the New Pretty,” Johnson & Johnson aims to share the compelling narratives of patients grappling with conditions such as myopia, presbyopia, and cataracts. The campaign will also highlight the dedicated eye care professionals who provide treatment and support to these individuals.

In a heartfelt video that accompanied the campaign’s launch, Parker explained her personal connection to the project. 

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“It hits really close to home for me. My youngest daughter Alice has had vision problems her whole life. She has amblyopia and she’s also farsighted. Early intervention with Alice’s vision has meant the world for Alice and for our family. As an active kid, she loves her contacts and that’s what she wears day to day now. They just work the best for her lifestyle,” 

– Kate T. Parker

The “Vision Made Possible” campaign will disseminate these captivating stories and visuals through various channels. Additionally, J&J intends to collaborate with social content creators who will use their platforms to discuss their own experiences with eye health.

Complementing this inspiring campaign, Johnson & Johnson has revitalized its website, featuring a prominent image of Kate T. Parker at the top of the page. Further down the website, visitors will find Parker’s video and a dynamic carousel of animated images, which commences with headshots of three young women. Clicking on these images will provide valuable information about eye health, including key facts about conditions like myopia and farsightedness.

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This innovative and touching campaign not only underscores Johnson & Johnson’s commitment to eye health but also serves as a source of inspiration and education for individuals around the world.

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