J&J launches campaign to raise awareness and support for multiple myeloma patients and caregivers

J&J launches campaign to raise awareness and support for multiple myeloma patients and caregivers

Johnson & Johnson’s multiple myeloma division is embarking on an initiative dubbed “Make It HAPPen,” aimed at bolstering support for advanced practice providers (APPs) in collaboration with the Advanced Practitioners Society for Hematology and Oncology (APSHO). These APPs, which encompass nurse practitioners and physician assistants performing tasks similar to physicians, have been identified as pivotal figures in the multiple myeloma care continuum, as revealed by recent survey data.

“The additional training that APPs undergo uniquely qualifies them to make important patient care decisions as part of an integrated team, but dynamic changes in the healthcare landscape have presented real challenges for APPs who treat multiple myeloma — where early diagnosis, treatment decisions and keeping patients on therapy are proven to shape prognosis for patients. APSHO is proud to collaborate with Janssen to launch this campaign as part of our effort to recognize all APPs who treat patients with cancer, including those with multiple myeloma, for all they do while empowering them with the tools they need to provide the best possible care.”

– Wendy Vogel, FNP, AOCNP, FAPO, Executive Director, APSHO

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Through a collaborative effort with APSHO, J&J sought to gain deeper insights into the needs of APPs. Their comprehensive survey included responses from 200 APPs attending to multiple myeloma patients and feedback from 100 such patients. The survey findings underscore the significance of APPs, with a striking 93% of patients considering them indispensable to their care. Furthermore, 61% of patients expressed their comfort in posing questions to APPs that they might hesitate to ask their primary physicians. This willingness to engage with APPs underscores the significant time these healthcare professionals spend with patients, offering not just medical guidance but also invaluable emotional support.

However, the survey also illuminated a pressing requirement for additional support, with 94% of APPs expressing a desire for more educational resources specifically tailored to multiple myeloma. This demand arises not from a lack of knowledge but from their constrained schedules, as they are tirelessly committed to patient care. APPs aspire to become more actively involved in the initial stages of a patient’s journey.

“APPs are a critical part of any care team and are trusted partners to hematologists and oncologists, with whom they work side-by-side. Patients rely on APPs for resources and support to help them navigate the difficult journey of a cancer diagnosis and treatment while striving to maintain their quality of life. For that reason, we are proud to launch the Make It HAPPen™ campaign in collaboration with APSHO to further recognize the role of APPs. We are committed to learning about and addressing the needs of the communities we serve as we work toward improving outcomes for patients.”

– Tyrone Brewer, U.S. President, Oncology, Janssen Biotech

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These survey outcomes serve as the foundation for a multiyear endeavor by J&J, aimed at offering comprehensive support to APPs working in the field of multiple myeloma. The primary objectives encompass elevating awareness of their pivotal roles and, in the process, fostering better care for patients and strengthening relationships with physicians. The strategic plan includes the establishment of a centralized website for APPs and the provision of educational resources, possibly through scientific forums and webinars.
J&J’s commitment to supporting healthcare professionals in this critical therapeutic area aligns with its substantial investments in multiple myeloma treatments. Notably, the anti-CD38 antibody Darzalex is a cornerstone of J&J’s business, generating $2.4 billion in the second quarter, and the BCMA CAR-T cell therapy Carvykti represents an important emerging opportunity. This endeavor not only signifies a commitment to advancing patient care but also reinforces J&J’s dedication to pioneering innovations in the field of multiple myeloma.

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