Elastin Biosciences Finds a Way to Restore Elastin and Treat Diseases

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Longaevus Technologies is making waves with its recent spin-off from Elastin Biosciences, driven by groundbreaking preclinical results across three key assets. Longaevus Technologies, a pioneer in longevity-focused innovation, takes a holistic approach to combat aging, drawing on the expertise of a global team of esteemed scientists, academics, and industry leaders united in their quest to reverse the aging process.

Emerging from a year in stealth mode, Elastin Biosciences, an innovative biotech offshoot of Longaevus Technologies, has unveiled a remarkable breakthrough related to elastin’s profound impact on health. Elastin Biosciences, led by Principal Investigator Alexey Moskalev, Research Director Alexander Fedintsev, and CEO Sherif Idriss, conducted successful experiments in Oxford. They identified three novel drug combinations that not only inhibit elastin degradation but also promote elastin storage. This achievement led to a remarkable five-fold increase in elastin expression and a significant enhancement in aortic elasticity in aging mice in vivo. Additionally, Longaevus Technologies currently has three other stealth-mode companies in progress.

This groundbreaking research holds the promise of offering solutions to individuals suffering from conditions associated with elastin deficiency and carries the potential to revolutionize healthy aging significantly. The transition from preclinical proof of concept to the pre-approval phase underscores the company’s unwavering dedication to pioneering regenerative medicine. In a testament to the importance and potential of this research, Elastin Biosciences secured initial funding of $2.5 million. With this support, the company is poised to initiate a Series A financing round, propelling its mission and research endeavors to new heights.

Elastin degradation, intricately linked to various health issues and the natural aging process, has long been a focal point for the medical community. Elastin Biosciences’ breakthrough not only instills hope in those directly impacted by elastin deficiency but also opens doors to innovative treatments that promote holistic health and longevity.

Elastin Biosciences stands on the cusp of pioneering significant strides in regenerative medicine, heralding a new era of treatment solutions and ushering in the promise of healthier aging for all.

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