Delfi Diagnostics introduces a simple blood test to detect lung cancer early and accurately

Delfi Diagnostics introduces a simple blood test to detect lung cancer early and accurately

Delfi Diagnostics is introducing its inaugural liquid biopsy test, fulfilling the long-standing vision of offering a groundbreaking blood-based screening tool for lung cancer. The Firstlook Lung test represents a leap forward in detection, offering a more convenient and accessible method that can potentially reach a wider population. It achieves this by enabling lung cancer screening with just a single blood draw, making it both cost-effective and easily accessible, especially for individuals at risk, such as those with a significant history of smoking.

The ultimate goal of the Firstlook Lung test is to identify individuals who would benefit from further evaluation, specifically a low-dose chest CT scan, thus paving the way for timely tumor confirmation. This approach draws parallels with at-home stool DNA tests like Exact Sciences’ Cologuard, which have effectively guided individuals towards comprehensive colonoscopies. Dr. Peter Bach, Chief Medical Officer at Delfi, emphasized the strong data supporting lung cancer screening and the significant potential to save lives through screening. He noted that despite lung cancer being the leading cause of cancer-related deaths, there is minimal adoption of low-dose CT scans.

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“The data supporting lung screening are as strong as it is in any cancer screening setting. It’s the largest cancer killer, and probably the biggest opportunity to save lives through screening in the US—and there’s essentially no uptake of low-dose CT scans. The latest data suggest about 6% of people—so just under a million out of the 15 million that are eligible—are getting these scans annually.” Bach added. “So we see this as a really important opportunity: What the more-accessible [fecal immunochemical test] is for colorectal cancer screening, we want to be for lung cancer screening.”

– Peter Bach, M.D.,Delfi’s chief medical officer

Firstlook Lung leverages Delfi’s machine-learning-powered platform, which scrutinizes the intricate patterns of DNA release into the bloodstream by tumor cells. Cancer cells, due to their rampant division and reproduction, release fragmented DNA in distinctive patterns, which the platform can detect. This technology combines wet lab chemistry, DNA sequencing, and digital algorithms.

Delfi’s forward-looking vision extends beyond Firstlook Lung. The platform serves as the cornerstone for future offerings, including potential applications in other types of cancer, such as liver cancer, or even monitoring the blood for signs of residual disease post-surgery and treatment.

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“In this particular case we have a fantastic product, but it’s clear there’s a lot of headroom for this technology to continuously improve over time. This platform is essentially the same in all cancers. We’re very optimistic that this will allow the development of these tests for other cancer types to be much faster than it has historically been. We think we can get to additional products very quickly.”

– Victor Velculescu, M.D., Ph.D., founder and CEO 

This innovative approach holds promise in transforming lung cancer screening and detection, potentially saving lives through early intervention.

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