Debbie Allen joins Regeneron and Prevent Blindness to launch the Gr8 Eye Movement and raise awareness of serious retinal diseases

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Regeneron is adding a touch of star power to its efforts to promote eye health by enlisting the renowned actress, dancer, and director, Debbie Allen, as the face of their campaign. The goal is to encourage people to prioritise their vision and get regular check-ups on the eighth day of each month.

Debbie Allen, famous for her work in the 1980s TV series “Fame” and a recipient of both a Golden Globe for acting and an Emmy for choreography, is now in her 70s. She has joined forces with Regeneron, the manufacturer behind the highly successful eye disease drug Eylea, as well as Prevent Blindness, to launch the “Gr8 Eye Movement” disease awareness campaign.

In a statement, Allen emphasised the importance of educating individuals, particularly those from communities of colour, individuals over the age of 60, and those living with diabetes or at risk of developing diabetes, about the risks associated with retinal diseases.

The campaign’s primary objective is to designate the eighth day of each month as a day for people to check their vision. This choice stems from the visual resemblance between the number 8, when turned on its side, and eyes, serving as a symbolic reminder for individuals to prioritise their eye health. The “Gr8 Eye Movement” allows people to sign up for eye health reminders and includes a video featuring Allen discussing her health journey and dancing. Allen, who was diagnosed with prediabetes, delves into the broader implications of the condition and its potential impact on the back of her eyes in the video.

Furthermore, the campaign provides resources such as an Amsler grid in a PDF format, accompanied by instructions on how to use it for testing eye health. The Amsler grid consists of horizontal and vertical lines with a central dot. People with macular disease may perceive wavy or missing lines when they cover one eye and look at the grid.

Regeneron’s endorsement of this disease awareness campaign coincides with its efforts to safeguard its ophthalmology franchise, particularly in the face of competition from Roche’s Vabysmo and biosimilar versions of Eylea. This franchise is of utmost importance to the biotech giant, as Eylea contributed to approximately half of its revenues in the second quarter.

In conclusion, Regeneron’s collaboration with Debbie Allen in the “Gr8 Eye Movement” campaign brings attention to the critical importance of eye health. By leveraging her celebrity status and a creative approach involving the number 8 as a visual cue, this campaign aims to raise awareness and encourage regular vision check-ups, ultimately benefiting individuals at risk of retinal diseases.

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