Clario and CellCarta join forces to improve tissue and sample management in clinical trials

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Clinical trial technology firm Clario has embarked on a strategic partnership with CellCarta to revolutionize the management of tissue and sample handling in clinical trials. In an announcement dated September 26, Clario revealed that this collaboration extends to the digital transformation of data collection across multiple therapeutic domains, encompassing oncology, hepatology, and gastroenterology.

CellCarta has established a commendable reputation for its expertise in integrated sample management and specialized laboratory services. Their sample management kit offers a comprehensive suite of services, including provisioning, sample accessioning, processing, digitization, and quality control. This integration of capabilities will streamline the process, facilitating the automated and secure transfer of digitized pathology images to the Clario portal. This innovative approach eliminates potential delays associated with manual downloading and uploading of data.

While the financial details of this partnership remain undisclosed, it marks a significant step forward in Clario’s commitment to enhancing the clinical trial landscape. 

“This partnership advances Clario’s ability to support histopathology studies, providing our customers with full visibility for biopsy sample logistics and significantly accelerates  delivery of centralized assessments for eligibility and efficacy endpoints.” 

– Joyce Suhy, Ph.D., Clario’s executive vice president for medical imaging and specialty solutions

Clario’s proactive efforts in reshaping the clinical trial landscape demonstrate its commitment to fostering innovation and efficiency in the field, with its collaboration with CellCarta poised to play a pivotal role in advancing the management of clinical trial samples and data.

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