Leading Pharma Giants Support Lung Cancer Awareness Initiative for Hispanic and Latino Americans

Leading Pharma Giants Support Lung Cancer Awareness Initiative for Hispanic and Latino Americans

Several prominent biopharma companies have united to champion a vital cause—raising awareness about lung cancer within the Hispanic and Latino American communities. Spearheaded by the Lung Cancer Research Foundation (LCRF), this awareness initiative has garnered the support and financial backing from industry leaders such as Bristol Myers Squibb, Amgen, Lilly Oncology, Regeneron, Daiichi Sankyo, Pfizer, Genentech, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and Merck. These companies have generously funded “Know Your Risk: A Hispanic and Latino American’s Guide to Lung Cancer,” a project unveiled by LCRF at the Visioning Summit gala event.

Hosted by the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts, the gala served as the launching pad for this important initiative, aiming to bridge healthcare disparities within the community. Statistics reveal that while Latinos have a lower incidence of lung cancer compared to non-Latino white Americans, they are 15% less likely to receive an early diagnosis and 28% more likely to go untreated.

“It is our pleasure to launch “Know Your Risk” at this event. Our organization’s membership is very concerned about disparities surrounding health and health access; we believe that education and awareness help to combat those disparities. With lung cancer being the number one cancer killer of Hispanic and Latino men, and second highest cancer killer of our community’s women, it is important that we help share the message.”

– Felix Sanchez, NHFA Chair & Co-founder

To combat these disparities, LCRF has meticulously crafted a comprehensive program aimed at enlightening Hispanic and Latino Americans about the risks, early warning signs, and the crucial role of screening in early tumor detection. The campaign’s spotlight features a documentary with insights from Dana Farber thoracic oncologist Narjust Florez, and public service announcements (PSAs) led by the celebrated Mission: Impossible actor Esai Morales.

“I hid my mother’s cigarettes from her when I was a child. I have learned since then how many other exposures put people at risk for lung cancer. As a proud Hispanic American, I am honored to bring this message to my community and to be the face of this very important campaign”

– Morales, Impossible movie actor

LCRF is committed to expanding its outreach by providing educational resources in Spanish about lung cancer for both patients and caregivers. While the foundation’s website is currently English-centric, it assures that Spanish translations of its rich content, both written and visual, are on the horizon, paving the way for more inclusive and accessible information.

“Partnering with NHFA, Felix, and Esai is exciting for all of us at LCRF. By joining forces, we can more effectively spread the word about the risks, symptoms, and treatment options for lung cancer in Hispanic and Latino communities. Our hope is that earlier detection and access to treatment will give patients a better quality of life, as well as more time with the people who love them.”

– Aubrey Rhodes, LCRF’s executive director

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