Almirall uses famous paintings to raise awareness of atopic dermatitis

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Almirall, a Barcelona-based pharmaceutical company collaborated with Eli Lilly on the development of the atopic dermatitis drug candidate lebrikizumab, has adopted an innovative approach to raise awareness about this skin condition. To commemorate World Atopic Eczema Day 2023, Almirall has introduced the “Moving aheAD” awareness campaign, featuring a unique virtual art gallery known as the “Atopic Museum.” This groundbreaking initiative seeks to dispel misconceptions surrounding atopic dermatitis.

Upon visiting the museum’s website, visitors are greeted with a striking statistic highlighting the prevalence of atopic dermatitis in the European Union. Accompanying this is a thought-provoking question: “Have you ever wondered how some of the most famous paintings in history would appear if their subjects were afflicted with atopic dermatitis?”

Almirall offers a compelling response to this question through creative reinterpretations of iconic artworks. The first exhibit features a cartoon rendition of the Spanish princess from Diego Velázquez’s renowned painting, “Las Meninas.” In this reimagined version, the princess exhibits red marks on her face and neck, challenging the misconception that atopic dermatitis is solely a pediatric concern. A simple click reveals the truth behind this myth.

“Atopic dermatitis stands as one of the most pervasive skin disorders, necessitating a collective effort to shed light on its challenges. The ‘Moving AheAD’ campaign is an ongoing commitment, and we are actively devising new initiatives and activities aimed at enhancing awareness among society, patients, and healthcare professionals, thereby advancing the wellbeing of those living with atopic dermatitis.”

– Dr. Volker Koscielny, Chief Medical Officer at Almirall

Subsequent exhibits within the museum include a whimsical cartoon adaptation of Johannes Vermeer’s “Girl With a Pearl Earring,” each accompanied by dispelled myths. Throughout the museum’s pages, Almirall takes visitors on a captivating journey through art history, spanning from the early 1500s with “Young Woman With Unicorn” and “The Mona Lisa” to the post-impressionist works of Paul Gauguin and Paul Cézanne. Simultaneously, it confronts prevalent misconceptions about atopic dermatitis.

Almirall’s enthusiastic engagement in disease awareness activities coincides with its strategic move to challenge Dupixent’s dominance in the atopic dermatitis market. Similar to Dupixent, which is marketed in Europe by Sanofi, lebrikizumab is designed to target IL-13. Almirall, anticipating approval in Europe later this year, has demonstrated that lebrikizumab may offer benefits to patients who have not responded to Dupixent. Moreover, the company aims to establish lebrikizumab as a primary treatment option for atopic dermatitis. This artistic and educational initiative underscores Almirall’s commitment to improving the lives of individuals affected by this condition.

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