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Cancer vaccine challenges for Moderna, BioNTech

Moderna, BioNTech face hurdles in cancer vaccine production after COVID success

Anika Sharma

Moderna and BioNTech, both navigating their post-COVID future while reimagining cancer treatments, have encountered manufacturing hurdles along their respective journeys. ...

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mRNA vaccine pioneers won the Nobel Prize for medicine amid COVID-19 pandemic

Anika Sharma

Two visionary scientists, Dr. Katalin Karikรณ and Dr. Drew Weissman, have been honored with the prestigious Nobel Prize for their ...

Moderna has partnered with Immatics to develop mRNA-based cancer vaccines, bispecifics and cell therapies. The deal includes a $120 million upfront payment and up to $1.7 billion in milestones.

Moderna expands cancer vaccine portfolio with Immatics deal worth up to $1.7B

Anika Sharma

Moderna is intensifying its focus on cancer vaccines and cell therapies through a newly announced research partnership with Immatics, a ...