Top 10 Selling Drugs of all time in Pharma

What are the drugs that have made the most money in the history of the pharmaceutical industry?

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Lipitor: The cholesterol-lowering champion

Lipitor: Pfizer's statin drug, highest-grossing blockbuster with $150B+ sales by 2017. Lowers cholesterol, prevents heart disease. Lost patent in 2011.


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Humira: The anti-inflammatory powerhouse

Humira: AbbVie's biologic drug, $140B+ sales, treats inflammatory diseases like arthritis and psoriasis. Top-seller since 2015, patent expires in 2023.


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Plavix: The blood thinner that saved lives

Plavix: Sanofi and Bristol Myers Squibb's antiplatelet drug, $100B+ sales. Prevents strokes and heart attacks. Widely prescribed, lost patent in 2012.


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Advair: The asthma and COPD reliever

Advair: GlaxoSmithKline's combo inhaler, $90B+ sales. Treats asthma and COPD. First respiratory drug to hit $10B sales. Lost patent in 2010 , some generic competition.


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Enbrel: The other anti-inflammatory giant

Enbrel: Amgen and Pfizer's biologic drug, $80B+ sales. Treats inflammatory diseases like arthritis and psoriasis. Blockbuster status since 1998. Patent expires in US by 2029.


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6. Remicade: Over $70 billion

Other drugs that made history

7. Rituxan: Over $60 billion

8. Herceptin: Over $60 billion

9. Revlimid: Over $60 billion

10. Januvia: Over $50 billion